Download Now: Cents-per-Mile Reimbursement Case Study

Get more information about Cents-per-Mile Reimbursement

Have you heard of the IRS Standard Rate reimbursement model but are not really sure what it entails?

That's why we've created this case study: to walk you through what a cents-per-mile reimbursement plan looks like and when you should be using it. In this case study, get a better understanding of:

  • The best use of a cent-per-mile plan

  • Common misuses 

  • What other mileage reimbursement plans are available

  • How to choose the right plan for your business

To learn more about CarData's 17 years of experience in IRS Standard Rate and cents-per-mile reimbursement, download a free copy of our case study by filling out the form on the right.  

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